Visit to the Neeman Library in TAU

Today I came again to the Neeman Library in Tel Aviv University (last time was before the Hamakor General Assembly on Sunday Dec. 18). The purpose of my visit was to read papers about the workings of the human visual and auditory systems, for a project.

Today I read an interesting paper published at 1968 by someone called Yilmaz.

After reading the paper, I went to the librarian responsible for running searches and asked her to search for Yilmaz’s biography and list of publications.

Power went out and the librarian’s computer turned off.

After few minutes, power came back. The librarian turned on her PC, and after the computer finished rebooting, she started running a search.

Power went out again.

I joked with her that “Someone” (with capital S) does not want me to know about Yilmaz. I decided to call it a day and go back home.

As I approached the exit of the library’s building, power came back.

Author: Omer Zak

I am deaf since birth. I played with big computers which eat punched cards and spew out printouts since age 12. Ever since they became available, I work and play with desktop size computers which eat keyboard keypresses and spew out display pixels. Among other things, I developed software which helped the deaf in Israel use the telephone network, by means of home computers equipped with modems. Several years later, I developed Hebrew localizations for some cellular phones, which helped the deaf in Israel utilize the cellular phone networks. I am interested in entrepreneurship, Science Fiction and making the world more accessible to people with disabilities.